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The Steller Victorian Open set to stay in Shepparton

For all the information on the Steller Vic Open click the link below.


The Steller... 



GVBD v Ovens and Murray Challenge Day – Friday 9th November 2018


We congratulate the Ovens & Murray Team on taking home the GONG at the annual (Women’s) Goulburn Valley versus Ovens & Murray Challenge held at the Shepparton Park Bowls Club on Friday 9th November. The winning (three game) rink for the Goulburn Valley was Di Hands team.

 Many thanks to the GVBD Midweek Match & Pennant Committee for arranging the day and the Shepparton Park Bowls Club for making their facilities available.

 Very enjoyable day was had by all.

 On behalf of the GVBD Executive Board

Joy O’Donnell

GVBD Secretary


                   GVBD MIXED PAIRS – STATE EVENT    

PLAYED -SUNDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2018   at Kyabram Bowls Club   

Q’TER FINALS:-                       SEMI FINALS                                                      FINAL                            

                                                 R. HIGGINS       SH. PK. (bye)

 SECT.   1 V 2                            P. NICHOLS     SH. PK 22/12.                           R. HIGGINS     SH. PK. 19/15

SECT.   6 V 3                             S. ADAMS     COMP 22/4                                    S. ADAMS     COMP   17/16      

                                                 D. CARTWRIGHT   KY (bye)

Ross Higgins and Sue Tyson defeated Scott Adams and Mia Nowasad 22/14.





Date: Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th November 2018


Rollup: 9.15am    Start: 9.30am. (Depending on the weather)

Full Details here!



Date: Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th November 2018


Rollup: 9.15am    Start: 9.30am.

Full details here!






An updated draw for the weekend season has now been posted on the PENNANT tab.

The latest revision (V6) was issued on 21st October. Please disregard any earlier issues.

V6 has changes that affect only Division 7 with the inclusion of Kyabram into that division.

Divisions 1-6 remain as indicated in V5 of the pennant draw.


Norm Knopp Challenge Shield

On behalf of the GVBD Executive Board, GVBD Men’s Selection  and GVBD Women’s Selection Teams we congratulate the GVBD Men’s Team on winning the Norm Knopp Challenge Shield held at Moama Bowling Club yesterday (28th October, 2018). Our Women’s Team was not as successful but certainly did the Goulburn Valley proud.

 The Goulburn Valley were also successful with the best winning rinks as follows:-

 John Stokes’ Rink were successful in the Norm Knopp Challenge.

 Jean Sprague’s Rink were successful in the Golden Rivers Challenge.

 Once again Congratulations to the GVBD Men’s Team on winning the Norm Knopp Shield – a great day enjoyed by all.


On behalf of the GVBD

James McLeod

GVBD Chairman





SECTION 1:-                 SECTION 2:-                   SECTION 3:-                  

J. GRECO      KY             P NICHOLS     SH. PK.         S. ADAMS    COMP                                                                                                                                                  

SECTION 4:-                 SECTION 5:-                  SECTION 6:-                                    

R. HIGGINS    SH. PK.    D. CARTWRIGHT   KY      I. McCARTEN    SH GF                  



   FORMAT: 2 X 2 X 2 X2.

  TO BE PLAYED -SUNDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2018   at Kyabram Bowls Club                 

Q’TER FINALS:-         SEMI FINALS                         FINAL                              

                                     SECT. 4 BYE                                                                          

SECT.   1 V 2               …………………                   …………………….

SECT.   6 V 3               ………………...                 ……………………..

                                  SECT. 5 BYE


State Women's Pairs Title 2018/2019 Season


On Thursday (1/11/18) the State Women’s Pairs Title was finalised with the Winners being Di Hands and Kate Bush from Shepparton Park Bowls Club with the Runner’s-up being Jean Sprague and Barb Rogerson from the Rushworth Bowls Club.

 A fantastic game with it going down to the wire and played in great Lawn Bowls comradery in very hot conditions.

 The score belied the great game 15 – 11 over 18 ends.

 On behalf of the GVBD Midweek Match & Pennant Committee thanks go to Shepparton Golf Club for their great support in running of this event.


 Lloyd Mawson

Director – Midweek Match



State Women's Singles Title




Yesterday (25/10/18) the State Women’s Singles Title was finalised with the winner being Marika Armstrong from Shepparton Park Bowls Club with the Runner-Up  Jean Sprague from the Rushworth Bowls Club.


 A fantastic game with it going down to the wire and played in great bowls comradery.


 From feedback best game of Lawn bowls seen on grass for a long time.


 Lloyd Mawson


Director -Midweek Match






CGM Bowls Region -State 60 & Over Men's & Women's 60 & Over Events


On behalf of the CGM Bowls Region I forward details of the results of the CGM Bowls Region Men’s & Women’s 60 & Over Singles and CGM Bowls Region Women’s 60 & Over Pairs held at Kilmore Bowls Club today – 22nd October, 2018.

 WINNER OF THE MEN’S 60 & OVER SINGLES    - Trevor YOUNG  (Central Division (Kilmore Bowls Club)).

 WINNER OF THE WOMEN’S 60 & OVER SINGLES – Wilma ATKINS (Central Division (Seymour Bowls Club)).

 WINNER OF THE WOMEN’S 60 & OVER PAIRS – Bev CAHILL (S)  & Margaret SMYTH (GVBD (Shepparton Park)).

 Please note the Men’s 60 & Over pairs will be played on Thursday 25th October 2018 at the Kilmore Bowls Club.

 Full details of today’s results can be located on the CGM Bowls Region Website.


Congratulations to the GVBD Team – Bev Cahill and Marg Smyth on their great win today – a great exhibition of bowling by both.


Many thanks

Joy O’Donnell

CGM Bowls Region Secretary








Clarifications for Bowlers regarding scoring and bowlers arms.

There has been an omission in the Handbook regarding scoring in a Pennant game. Along with 10 points for a Side win there should be two points for each team win.

Bowlers Arms.

If a player has used their bowling arm during a game and for some reason it requires repair to continue using the arm, this repair can be undertaken with the Umpires permission as long as the repair is for a minor issue and does not alter the operation or design of the Arm.

If a player has used their Bowling arm during a game and it breaks or becomes unusable through normal use (not deliberate damage) then the player can replace it with a similar type of Arm.

If there is no replacement Arm available then that player cannot continue in that game.


Doug Maconachie

DUC Goulburn Valley    




Steller Victorian Open 2018

 Over 1880 Entries confirmed - Entries closed.

It's the biggest event in Victorian bowls.

Prize monies now exceed $50,000.

The 2018 Vic Open will be held in Greater Shepparton from November 16 to 23 – thanks to Greater Shepparton City Council's generous support of Bowls Victoria's marquee event.

The tournament features Singles, Pairs and Triples for both men and women, and mixed pairs.

Shepparton Park Bowls Club will be the headquarters and host club for the tournament. Matches will be played at venues throughout the Shepparton region during the eight-day event, with all finals at Shepparton Park.

As well as the seven titles up for grabs, the Lifestyle Vic Medal will be awarded to the best-performed bowler of the tournament.




Graeme is “King of the Greens”

Kyabram’s Greenkeeper Graeme King has been honoured by the Greenkeepers Asociation of Victoria. He has come equal second in the Greenkeeper of the Year award in Victoria.

Graeme was nominated for the quality of his skills in producing excellent greens at the Kyabram Bowls Club. His skills and his greens were examined and assessed by the Executive Members of the Greenkeepers Association.

Graeme’s greens have been selected for State Events, Group Games and Goulburn Valley finals for both the Midweek and Saturday Pennant Finals.

Recently the Victorian Under 18 side travelled to Kyabram to use the Kyabram Greens in their preparation for their games in NSW in October. Coach Matthew Flapper and the players were delighted with the surface quality and the run of the greens.

Congratulations to Graeme for his expertise and hard work from all the players who bowl on his excellent greens.




GVBD State Event Draws

The following GVBD State Events have had their draws allocated.


GVBD Men's 60 and Over State Singles - M Williams (Kyabram) winner.

GVBD Men's 60 & Over State Pairs

GVBD Men's State Triples - R Page (Nagambie) winner.

GVBD Men's State Fours - D Cartwright (Ky) winner.

GVBD Women's State Over 60 Singles - Cathy Dudley (Shepp Park) winner.

GVBD Women's State Over 60 Pairs - Bev Cahill & Marg Smyth (Shepp Park).


GVBD Women's State Singles - Marika Armstrong  - (Shepp Park).


GVBD Women's State Pairs  - Di Hands & Kate Bush (Shepp Park)



Full details are available under the GVBD EVENTS tab.




GVBD Junior Development - Goulburn Valley Devils


The Goulburn Valley Bowls Division (GVBD is pleased to announce that the GV Devils Representative squad for male and female under 18 is up and going.

Could all club secretaries and or presidents please send the names and contact details to the GVBD Executive’s Junior Development Officer, Rob Sceney at rob.sceney@gmail.com

These junior players will be contacted by David Cartwright, the Junior Development Coordinator, to invite them to be members of the GV Devils.

 *****Please refer your junior players to the Bowls Vic website to see the Kyabram p-12 team winning the Victorian State Schools Title. This is what they can be part of by being in the GV Devils.*****


Rob Sceney

GVBD Junior Development Officer




Victorian Open Here till 2020

GSCC and Bowls Vic confirm that the Victorian open Bowls Championship will be hosted in the Goulburn Valley district until 2020.

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